Rushing the Growler
The History of Brewing in Buffalo

by Stephen R. Powell

"A serious student of history...his book is well researched and fully documented...more then just brewing in Buffalo. It's a chronology of the industry from the first small brewers to the arrival of the mega brewers...the demise of the home town plants, the development of American style lager, and the microbrewery informative and entertaining book."
------------------------------------------ -American Breweriana Journal

"A top ten book of the year. This is a fine example of a regional brewing study and will, we hope, inspire more historians of this sort."
------------------------------------------ -American Brewer

"Steve Powell's "Rushing the Growler," for example, is a delight to anyone who occasionally likes to hoist a brew or two. It's a history of brewing in Buffalo, a topic that often draws reminiscences but hasn't until now, been brought to such a researched head."
------------------------------------------ -Mike Vogel -The Buffalo News

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